Total Spine Care

Quality of life revolves around being able to do the things you enjoy doing uninhibited. However, if you have lingering backache and spine problems, your quality of life will be affected, as you will not have the same freedom to do the activities you enjoy.

With back pain, not only will your physical activity be affected, but your physical fitness will deteriorate as well. The exercises you used to be capable of performing will no longer be possible for you due to lingering back ache. For working professionals, spine problems can have a negative impact on productivity and quality of work as well, which can have a serious effect on one’s career

We believe that majority of spine problems can be managed without surgery.  We try to design an exercise program with the aim of controlling pain.

In the event that an intervention is needed we select the least invasive technique available.

The following interventions are available at our hospital.

  1. Image guide transforaminal and interlaminar injections for back and leg pain
  2. Image guided Cervical epidural injection for neck and hand pain
  3. Percutaenous epidural neurolysis (PEN) for back pain
  4. Radiofrequency nucleoplasty for back and leg pain
  5. Percutaenous Laser disc decompression for back and leg pain
  6. Percutaenous Laser disc decompression for neck and hand pain
  7. Percutaneous endoscopic discectomy
  8. Biportal endoscopic surgery for lumbar canal stenosis
  9. Laminectomy and decompression for stenosis
  10. Decompression and stabilisation